Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Artificial indoor and outdoor plants for your Melbourne home

If you are looking for fake or artificial plants to use in both interior and exterior spaces, SoilWorx has a variety available to suit your needs in the Melbourne climate. Whether you need fake plants for your residential of commercial property, we are sure to have something for everyone and every space. We have large ferns, potted plants and grasses

The artificial plants on offer are lifelike and could easily pass as live plants with their realistic nature. Reach out to our team to learn more about the authentic designs of the fake plants.

The benefits of choosing artificial plants over real ones

There are many advantages to choosing artificial indoor and outdoor plants as opposed to real ones. Artificial plants don’t shed their leaves or flowers as the seasons change and keep the same appearance in which you purchased them. They always look fresh and continue to add a touch of nature and pop of colour all year round.

Occasional washing is required to keep fake plants in good condition, but they ultimately require less care and much less maintenance than live plants. You don’t need to fertilize or water them, or even put them in sunlight to flourish. Artificial plants are very durable, come without the worry of pest damage or over/under watering them, and are easy to transport. The plants give you the freedom to move them around into different spaces depending on how you want to dress up a room or outdoor area. They are also handy if you need to leave them unattended for an extended period, as they will be in the same condition when you get back.

Why you should choose artificial plants

In the Melbourne climate, the weather is always changing which is why artificial outdoor plants are a great investment. They will not die due to seasonal discrepancies and will continue to brighten the environment they inhabit, rain, hail or shine. The same benefits refer for artificial indoor plants, which also help improve mood – perfect for a workplace or communal area.

SoilWorx would love to assist you in choosing the best artificial plants for your requirements out of our wholesale range. Contact us today.

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