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Grass Tree
Grass Tree
Grass Tree

Grass Tree

An extremely long lived and slow growing native plant. Frost tolerant, hardy, and once established they are drought tolerant.
Black trunk from bushfires.
Often grows a tall spike which develops tiny white flowers during winter and spring. After flowering, grass trees may remain dormant for several months.
Trunk grows approximately 1cm per year. A tree with 100cm trunk height = approx 100 years old. In better soils grass trees may grow faster, flower more often, and develop thicker heads of grass.

Plant out carefully
- In well draining soil or raised beds
- In full sun or part shade
- Do not leave pot on the tree when planting grass tree in the ground unless you plan to care for it with very regular watering and fertilising
- Minimise disturbance to roots when planting. Cut the pot away from the roots instead of loosening the pot by rolling etc.
- Backfill hole so tree is solid in the ground
- Water in well. Maintain some moisture in soil with regular watering for at least 12 months or until stablished.
- Can use native fertilisers and seaweed products

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