We Understand Product Specification

We Understand Product Specification

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A Diverse Product Range With An Incomparable Delivery Experience.

SoilWorx is built to offer an incomparable customer service experience both in-store and online. Our product range is diverse, exceptionally priced and designed to meet all of your outdoor needs. Our high-quality products are durable and compliant.

As a SoilWorx Account holder, you can enjoy SoilWorx’s extensive offering of products at a fixed price. We also help you order the right amount, every time to avoid excessive orders and wasting materials.

Our products include:

 Vic Roads Approved Crushed Rock
 Bedding Sand
 WSAA Approved Bedding Material
 ACR 5mm Dust, Wet and Dry
 Cold Mix

 Pipe Bedding
Concrete & Asphalt
Tipper Hire 


Deer Park Deer Park

Deer Park Pakenham

Deer Park Werribee

Delivering to all Melbourne and Regional Areas

Exclusively Fixed Rates

Become a SoilWorx Customer Member to receive exclusive, discounted prices on our products and services. Simply sign up and enjoy the benefits of discounted competitive pricing and join the list of large companies that SoilWorx proudly supplies. As our member, SoilWorx ensures you have access to fixed pricing and specials no matter the job. All you need to do is pay one convenient monthly account bill.

Transparent, Streamlined Delivery Experience

Streamline your processes, cut costs and centralise all your bulk purchases by utilising SoilWorx on your next job. Your SoilWorx Account will allow you to take full advantage of our live tracking delivery software when you purchase from our extensive range of products.

SoilWorx helps ensure your deliveries arrive with peak efficiency every time. With access to full visibility on all deliveries through Google Maps Tracking, the ability to contact your driver and live ETA updates sent straight to your phone, you will never be left wondering where your delivery is again. You’ll be able to cut ties with unreliable, nontransparent suppliers and avoid the hassle of messy and lengthy paperwork.

Track and Manage Your Deliveries

Ensure that your productivity is never interrupted due to delivery delays. Track and view your deliveries in real-time without a doubt on when they are due to arrive. Our guaranteed delivery service provides 100% total transparency via the SoilWorx Customer Portal. You can book, track and manage deliveries 24/7.

Keep track of your orders via a real-time delivery portal
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The SoilWorx team are all trained, white card certified ensuring we comply with all your safety requirements.

Peace of Mind Contact-Free Delivery

SoilWorx Puts Health and Safety First
With SoilWorx you can validate your deliveries without making contact with your driver, handling paperwork or signing upon delivery. Our system is built to complement social distancing and curb the spread of bacteria.


No Contact

No Contact

No Paperwork

No Paperwork

No Signatures Required

No Signatures Required


Digital Communication

Digital Communication
Digital & Real-Time Proof of Delivery Photos

Real-Time Time of Arrival

Real-Time Time of Arrival
Real-Time Google Maps Tracking

Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting
Automated Status Updates

Operate Without Disruption

Operate Without Disruption
Operate With a Lower Environmental Impact


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