The Future of Deliveries

The Future of Deliveries

We imagined a world where you could order your bulk landscaping materials and track your delivery like it was your Uber. Then we made it a reality.

Incorporating the latest technologies into our business has allowed us to offer the best delivery service possible. Our fleet drivers are the bloodline of our business and our Delivery Management System will connect you, our customers, with your fleet driver every step of the way. 

Live Notifications

With our Live Tracking system, you will receive three separate SMS notifications that will update you on the whereabouts of your order.

The three stages of notifications are:

When your order has been allocated a truck

When your order has been allocated a truck

When your order is on it's way

When your order is on its way

When your order has been delivered

When your order has been delivered

Each SMS notification includes a link that tracks the progress of your delivery, estimated time of arrival, order details and driver details from start to finish in real-time.

Live Tracking allows you to plan your day in advance.

The transparent real-time delivery information will allow you to work to a new level of efficiency. Gone are the days of waiting around wondering where your order is.

Our delivery system gives you control every step of the way. Simply click on your link to see where your order is or message your driver directly to let them know where you want your order tipped if you won’t be there to meet them.

With our fleet of over 30 trucks and our integrated, state-of-the-art fleet management software, our transport and logistics department is second-to-none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our delivery system is designed to give you control every step of the way. We offer SMS updates and a direct link that shows you where your order is and lets you message your driver directly to let them know where you want your order tipped if you won’t be there to meet them.

When do we deliver?
SoilWorx delivers online orders 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays. We offer next day delivery and orders placed on Saturday will be delivered on Monday as no Sunday deliveries are available. 

How can I use the special ‘3 for 1’ Delivery Deal?
Order any 3 bulk products to a maximum of 10m3 (cubic metres) for just $44 (Melbourne Metro suburbs only)
Product 1 – up to 4 cubic metres Product 2 – up to 3 cubic metres Product 3 – up to 3 cubic metres
Please note Phone and in-store orders are charged per suburb. Should you require any further information please call our experienced customer service team on 1300 SOILWORX.

How does the ‘3 for 1’ delivery work?
All of our SoilWorx tipper truck fleets are equipped with split loading capabilities – this means we can deliver three bulk products, in the one delivery, with no cross-contamination of products.

Can I pick up my orders myself?
Yes. Bring a ute, trailer or truck into one of our yards, and we can load your products for you – easy!

How much bulk product can I fit on a truck?
We have trucks in all shapes and sizes, from our 5m3, 8m3 and 15m3 tandem tipper trucks, to our impressive fleet of trucks and trailers and B-Doubles. For volume mix options in commercial quantities please call for a quote.

Do you have a minimum quantity for delivery?
SoilWorx has a minimum delivery requirement for bulk products of one cubic metre (1m3) of one product. For example, you may order 1m3 of soil, 1.5m3 of mulch and 1.5m3 of pebbles, and we will happily deliver this, in one truck, for one low delivery fee (as part of our 3 for 1 Delivery Deal). There is no minimum delivery for plants, cement, edging, garden care products, bagged products and hardware, but delivery fees will apply.

Is there anything you can't or won't deliver?
SoilWorx has an extensive range of products, but some of them just don't travel well in our tipper trucks or need specialised machinery to unload at the destination. This list of products is small, and consists of instant lawn, paving and retaining wall orders, letterboxes and reinforcing mesh. Of course, SoilWorx will happily arrange delivery of these products to you, direct from the supplier, but additional delivery fees may apply. Give one of our friendly Sales Experts a call on 1300 SOILWORX for further details.

Is there anything else I need to know?
SoilWorx is the bulk delivery specialists, and all of our drivers and transport team are highly experienced individuals who take pride in their work. To ensure that our customers and transport staff are covered and content with every delivery. For any further information download our Delivery T&C's Here