Feature Product: Landscape Lock

Tired of finding your mulch or small pebbles all over your lawn or garden pathway?

Thanks to wind, birds, pets and other factors, this is a regular occurrence in the garden. This causes your garden to look untidy as well as making more work for the home owner.

Landscape Lock can fix this problem. Landscape Lock is a non toxic water based garden adhesive designed specifically for outdoor use to bind and lock in place organic mulches and other garden bed coverings.

This product will maintain the appearance and useful purpose of mulch cover on sloping land, or in high winds and heavy rainfall. UV light blockers protect timber mulch from colour fading and oxidization. The surfaces of each piece of mulch or pebble are coated with a water proof film, preventing water absorption thus delaying wood rot and bio degradation. Landscape Lock allows the permeation of water through the mulch cover to the soil, it increase the mulch’s efficiency and extends its life, saving money and time. It is also great for suppressing dust and can be used on soil as well.

Landscape Lock is safe to use around garden beds, trees, pathways, borders and driveways.

For best results follow dilution rates and safety instructions on the bottle.

How to use:
  • Mulch or ground cover must be dry and stay dry for at least 24 hours to achieve maximum bonding power. Mulch should not be damp or wet before spraying for proper bonding power. (Make sure to turn sprinkler systems off after initial application.)
  • Dilute Landscape Lock immediately prior to application, measuring the required quantity of Landscape Lock into a bucket or spray tank (not included), adding the measured quantity of water. Mix well with a paddle or shake the spray tank well until thoroughly blended.
  • Apply Landscape Lock using a garden pressure spray pump with the nozzle held between 10 and 40 centimetres above the mulch surface, depending upon the type of nozzle. A garden watering can may be used but care needs be taken to ensure overall coverage.

    Following the dilution rates for the appropriate material, mix Landscape Lock with water in a spray bottle or watering can. Mix well and spray on to DRY mulch, allow to set undisturbed for approximately 24 hours. Do not use if rain is likely within 24 hours. Do not irrigate or water for 24 hours after application. Avoid walking on or disturbing the mulch after application. The dilution rates listed below are to be used as guidelines only.
    Stones & Pebbles - 1 part Landscape Lock: 4 parts water - 2m2 per litre
    Wood Chips - 1 part Landscape Lock: 4 parts water - 2.5m2 per litre
    Fine Straw - 1 part Landscape Lock: 5 parts water - 3m2 per litre
    Straw - 1 part Landscape Lock: 6 parts water - 4m2 per litre


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