Tips and Tricks for using Link Edge

Link Edge let's you design and shape your garden, pavers, driveways and other outdoor areas anyway you want. Link Edge is visually appealing, and has many other advantages over other edging techniques.

  • Easier and cheaper than concrete and it won't crack
  • Flexible as plastic but won't break down in the sun
  • Won't warp or rot like timber

Click here for a downloadable copy of your link edge brochure.

Step by Step Instructions on using Link Edge

  • Clear the area, compact and level the base.
  • Lay the Link Edge down in the approximate area you require it to be.
  • Half hammer spikes into pre punched holes (approximately 4 spikes every 3m length). Start from the first hole at the end of the link edge
  • Half Hammer subsequent spikes in pivotal areas along the length (especially at point where a bend or curve is required).
  • Connect any further 3m lengths together by using the fishplate connectors. Slide the fishplate connector into the designated section at the end of the matching length.
  • Snap it together with the second link edge length enabling for an uninterrupted clear edge.
  • Check that the position of the link edge is visually correct. If it is not, remove the spikes and reposition.
  • Once satisfied with the positioning of the link edge, hammer the spikes firmly into the ground.
  • Use the spike guide to provide extra vertical stability when there is heavier traffic and heavier compacted areas. Ensure edge spike hole is towards the bottom of the spike guide.
  • Fill each side with the desired surface and don't forget to enjoy your new landscaped area.

    Link Edge Installation Instructions.jpg
    Link Edge  - Installation Instructions.jpg

Tips and Tricks

  1. Make Curves and Circles

    Link Edge is so flexible that it can make curves and complete circles with the greatest of ease. You can make circles as small as 450mm diameter.

  2. Use the Corner Connecting Bracket

    We now have available a newly designed corner connecting bracket that will give you infinite angles the Link Edge has never before done so easily and clean cut.

  3. Bend Link Edge

    Or alternatively you can also bend the Link Edge at any place to make an angle.

  4. Edge around a Tree

    The Link Edge is the perfect Edge to contain a tree or plant.

  5. Secure Foundations

    Link Edge can also be used to encompass a foundation for water tanks, paths and driveways etc.

  6. Guides for Strength

    Link Edge Spike Guides can be used for extra vertical strength with the 75mm and 100mm Link Edge.

  7. Different Surfaces

    Link Edge is also able to work with leveled or inclined surfaces.

Click here for a downloadable copy of your link edge brochure.

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