Veggie Mix
Veggie MixVeggie Mix

Veggie Mix

A gorgeous soil/compost mix, perfect for getting your edible garden started.

Our blend is 2/3 garden soil to 1/3 mushroom compost has a great nutrient content and excellent water holding capacity.  This blend will provide gentle feeding for your vegetable and annual plants. 

SoilWorx Veggie Mix is beautifully blended soil, and ready to plant into straight away! Your edibles will never have been so incredible!

Ideal use: Veggie patch, wicking beds


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$92.00 Cubic - m3

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$10.95 Bag - 25L Bag

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$10.20 Bag - 5 or more 25L Bags

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Products that feed your soil and go really well with this: 

Pea Straw will help feed your soil and add a nice protective layer to your soil 

Sugar Cane Mulch will help feed your soil and add a nice protective layer to your soil

Plant Starter will help your new plants cope with the shock of going from the pot to the ground 

Seasol will help you grow healthy plants and a bumper crop 


Tools you may need to complete the job: 

Wheelbarrow for getting your soil to where you need 

Hire a barrow  if you dont have space or need one in the future

Hose to help keep your new patch growing

Cultivator  to aerate, cultivate and turn your soil 

Rally Garden Glove or the Rally General Purpose Glove to protect your hands



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