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Recycled Road Base
Recycled Road BaseRecycled Road Base

Recycled Road Base

Recycled Road Base is a combination of various size pieces of screened stone and rock. As the name suggests, this mix binds together really well when compacted to make a terrific road base …the applications are endless! This is a Budget Road Base appeals to those DIY-ers preparing slab bases, and engaging in home projects on a budget.

- Contains coarse and fine aggregates to enable excellent compaction

-Made from recycled materials diverted from landfill

-Great filler and base material

-Plant saving AND cost saving.

Ideal use: underneath paving, pathways, other SoilWorx Path and Drive products

Other info: Mother Earth Eco Friendly Products

Due to its nature as a recycled product, this product may contain some levels of contaminants in the form of plastic and organic waste, which will not impact the performance of this product.

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