Synthetic Turf
Golden Spring 40mm

Golden Spring 40mm

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Golden Spring is an incredibly realistic grass with  hints of yellow or dried grass to replicate real lawn. It is designed to hold its shape over time and spring back naturally with use. Suitable for both residential and commercial use Golden Spring is a great choice.  This product can be used for various applications where a realistic, durable grass is required.

Other info: This product is ordered in square metres

GAUGE – 3/8 inch
FIBRE COLOUR – Emerald green ,olive green for straight grass (curly – green / yellow)

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$36.00 m2 - 2 metres wide

+ Qty = $0.00

$36.00 m2 - 4 metres wide

+ Qty = $0.00

Rolls come in 2 metre and 4 metre widths.

Therefore minimum order is either 2 or 4 square metres.