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Eureka Kikuyu PBR

Eureka Kikuyu PBR

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Currently, all deliveries of turf are unloaded onto the nature strip.

The main advantage of Eureka Kikuyu PBR is the fine leaf texture which is soft to the touch and aesthetically appealing to the eye. Eureka Kikuyu PBR is drought tolerant, extremely hardy and has very aggressive above-ground and under-ground runners which are highly invasive. Kikuyu turf varieties thrive in warm weather and can lose green colour during the Winter dormancy period in the cooler Southern climate. Spring weather automatically breaks plant dormancy and the green colour rapidly returns. Eureka Kikuyu PBR has fast repairing qualities.

Key Features: 

  • Medium Leaf
  • Drought Tolerance
  • High Durability
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Self Repairing

All home deliveries receive a free fertiliser and instructional pamphlet to assist in laying turf.


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