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Nullabor Couch Legend
Nullabor Couch Legend

Nullabor Couch Legend

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Currently, all deliveries of turf are unloaded onto the nature strip.

Fine leaf. High wear. Low water use Nullabor Couch Legend is our premium couch grass. Legend has continually proven its self as a top performer in major golf courses and sporting venues around Australia. Legend provides the home owner with a fine leaf, drought tolerant, hard wearing and manicured lawn. Legend is a warm season grass and as such will go dormant and loose colour over Winter in colder climates but does have better winter colour retention than other couch grasses. Normally we can expect to see the discolouration from June to September but this will depend on the seasons and how cold the weather is. If you are in a frosts prone area for example you will experience a longer dormancy period than a beachside suburb. The upside to these Warm Season grasses is that they are very hard wearing and do like the heat and will use 2- 3 times less water during peak heat periods than Cool Season grasses.

All home deliveries receive a free fertiliser and instructional pamphlet to assist in laying turf.

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