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Aquagarden Solarfree
Aquagarden SolarfreeAquagarden Solarfree

Aquagarden Solarfree

The Aquagarden Solarfree pump, solar panel and fountain kit sets are ideal for small ponds and water features where no power point is available.

Aquagarden Solarfree 1000C

  • Comes with solar pump, panel and fountain set including water volume control in the "C" range
  • 980 lph, 1.0m max. head 8w max. power voltage, 12v max current 667mA

Aquagarden Solarfree 200

  • Comes with a small solar pump, panel and fountain attachments. This pump also includes a volume control so you can adjust the flow where needed.
  • 170 lph, 0.65m max head, 1 watt max. power voltage, flow control, 6V max, current


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$94.95 Kit - Solarfree 200

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$279.95 Kit - Solarfree 1000C

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