Environmental Commitment

Mother Earth

Environmental Commitment

SoilWorx and Mother Earth have a commitment to environmental sustainability innovation that is unrivalled in our industry, making our Mother Earth products so popular. We recognise that Australia’s abundant natural resources require responsible management to provide for future generations.

About Mother Earth Products

Mother Earth products are stocked in all our SoilWorx locations. Mother Earth is a range of landscaping and building products that have been developed in response to market and industry demands.

Motherearth Product Range

Mother Earth products are an all Australian product range of sand, soil, pebbles, stone, gravel and soil - carefully selected and graded so you can create the perfect look with exactly the right amount "as mother nature intended".

No matter how big your backyard, the chances are that when you want to improve the look and beauty of it you might need a helping hand. You'll need sand, soil maybe gravel and decorative pebbles and stone and to finish it off you will more than likely want to trap the moisture in with mulch. Mother Earth products have got you covered.

Choose whether to have the product bulk delivered, or drop in and pick up some ready-to-go bags to take home. The choices are endless and all yours to make!

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