SoilWorx Delivery Tracking

The Future of Deliveries

Imagine if ordering bulk landscaping materials was just like ordering an Uber, tracked and arriving exactly when you expect it!

Along with our customers, our fleet and drivers are the heart and soul of our business. This is why we have invested heavily in a Delivery Management System that will you give you full visibility every step of the way.

By incorporating the latest technologies, we have made improvements across the board to bring you the best delivery service possible:

Live Notifications

SMS notifications are now being sent out in 3 stages:

• Once the order has been allocated to a truck,
• When your order is on it's way, and finally,
• When your delivery has been completed.  

These SMS notifications all include a link that tracks the progress of your delivery, ETA time, order and driver details from start to finish all in real time!


With real time delivery information at your fingertips comes transparency so you can be in complete control! You’ll be able to double check your order details, get updated delivery times, track the driver if he is on his way and even see completion photos as soon as the delivery has been made.

With all this available, you'll never be in the dark again. 

Increase Efficiencies

Imagine being able to plan your day in advance knowing you won’t have to wait around until your delivery comes. Having a transparent delivery management system means you can do exactly this and get more out of your day.

Need to leave or have a few things to organise?
Can’t make it to meet the driver?

No problem....

Simply click on your link to see the updated arrival time and plan your day around that. We’ve also built in the ability for you to message the driver directly. Just open your link, scroll down and let the driver know exactly where you need your product tipped.

Our delivery management system gives you total control every step of the way!