Soilworx Bulka Bags

Bulka Bags

As seen on "The Block" 

SoilWorx is excited to present a new product and delivery method that gives a whole new meaning to the term “designer bag”- landscape design, that is. This exciting addition to the SoilWorx offering came about after our friends on the hit TV show “The Block” requested a customised rooftop garden solution and as always, SoilWorx delivered.

When “The Block” embarked on creating one of the largest rooftop gardens in Victoria, they presented SoilWorx with a challenge of their own: To create the ideal blend for their planting needs and deliver it to a stunning rooftop with limited access points. We developed a blend specifically suited to the conditions of this breathtaking rooftop garden and delivered it in Bulka Bags – a lightweight and affordable product that could be taken to the rooftop, unlike a traditional truck dump method. 


  • Your Bulka Bags will be delivered to your work site without the mess a dump truck can leave behind. Bulka Bags are easy to transport and move around the location if needed. 
  • Bulka Bags save time and wastage. There is limited clean-up involved and landscaping projects are split up into sections more efficiently. 
  • These are large lightweight bags that can be handled by crane, Hyab, forklift, or even helicopter. 
  • Bulka Bags are a cheaper alternative to using bag products, so you can enjoy the benefits of bagging and use the extra money on other great products offered by SoilWorx to perfect your project.
  • This convenient packaging solution allows direct delivery to awkward access spots, restricted areas and all high rises (e.g. a rooftop). 

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