SoilWorx Soil Facility

Soil Facility

 With over 30 years industry experience, we at Soilworx were frustrated with the quality of the soils being offered to us for our many varied clients in the commercial, civil and retail sectors. 

So, armed with the knowledge of our many years and recognising that we were able to do something different, we decided to begin making our own soil.

We purchased state of the art equipment and opened up two facilities dedicated to producing Mother Earth soils. The materials we use are sourced from excavated sites, meeting EPA guidelines. Blended with high grade organic materials, we screen it and produce sustainable soils which we are proud to put our name against. We regularly test our Mother Earth products through an approved NATA facility and can provide results upon request.

Our aim is to reduce landfill and ensure the environment benefits from our efforts for many generations to come. By purchasing Mother Earth soils and other Eco-Friendly products from Soilworx, you are also doing your ‘bit’ for your families and the community, something which we hope is as important to you as it is to us.

You can find our Mother Earth Eco-Friendly products in our online store by looking out for this logo.

Mother Earth Eco Friendly

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